Restoratives & Yoga Nidra Relaxation Session

w/ Marcia Hudgel

April 28th at 11-12:30 pm

$20-25 Sliding Scale

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Feeling frazzled, stressed, overtired? Ease your body & mind with this special 90 minute class that will help you relax & rejuvenate.
During the first part of this session, we will allow the muscles to soften and relax through restorative yoga poses. Restorative yoga uses props like pillows & blankets to position the body in a way that these props do the work, letting tension in the muscles melt away. These poses are held anywhere from 5-15 minutes with some gentle cues & calming breath work to help the mind begin to slow down as well.
The second part will be a yoga nidra session. Nidra means sleep & yoga nidra is “sleep with a trace of awareness”. This relaxation technique takes you on a guided journey through your body & mind. It has been said that 30 minutes of yoga nidra is equal to 4 hours of sleep.

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 Join us For More Essential Education!

All of these Classes are FREE.

All of these classes will be for new and experieced users. We will open with some 101 on the topic at hand and move onto Q & A.
Sat. April 28th 9-10am: Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning
Sat. May 12th 11am-12pm: Natural Skin Care Solutions
Sat.May 26th 11am-12pm: Oils For your Kiddos!
Sat. June 9th 11am-12pm: Q & A

Are you interested in turning your health, self & home care into a more non-toxic and natural environment? In this class we will empower you with the education & tools to support you in your health and wellness goals with pure essential oils. We will go over common essential oils and begin learning simple applications for use. Come with questions and curiosities.

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