Meet Our Instructors


Marcia Hudgel

Marcia has been intrigued by yoga ever since opening up an Iyengar book in her college apartment in the early 90’s. She loves all styles of yoga and especially loves the (re)connection she feels through the practice, not only with her body, mind & spirit, but also that feeling of connection with all beings. Marcia received her teaching certification in February 2010 from her teacher, Marni Task in Cleveland, Ohio. She enjoys helping others get to that same point of reconnection through yoga. She teaches a variety of styles, from flow to restoratives to mindfulness…even yoga nidra, all are infused with some breath work, yoga philosophy and usually a little bit of laughter.



Shannon Jacques

Shannon Jacques is an internationally Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. Shannon received her intensive RYT200 certification in the summer of 2017 through the fabulous Gypsea Yoga School located in the amazing town of Uvita, Costa Rica.

Shannon is trained in Hatha Yoga, and specializes in Vinyasa, Astanga, and Restorative with emphasis on Meditation and Pranayama; however she also has training in Yin, and Kundalini as well. Shannon’s approach to teaching is to focus on ahimsa (Sanskrit for compassion) and Pura Vida(the Costa Rican philosophy of Pure Life) and apply them to everything she does and everyone she meets. Shannon believes that each and every one of us has a beautiful inner light, and finding hers was one of the hardest things she’s ever done.

Throughout her journey to complete her certification, she learned many things including the importance of regulating the chaos in one’s mind to focus and live in the here and now. Regulating the “mind stuff” is a huge part of her own practice so she incorporates this element into each of her lessons a guided meditation to relax your body and clear your mind so you are better able to approach the rest of your day feeling revived and rejuvenated.


Samantha Perroni

Inspired by nature and the gifts of yoga and shamanism Samantha creates a safe and sacred space for students to explore and navigate their inner landscapes while cultivating wholeness and harmony with in the symbiotic relationship between the body, mind and spirit . Samantha’s yoga classes have a strong emphasis on the mindfulness of breath and physical alignment. She seeks to bring each practice to life by using breath and movement to dance the soul’s expression while encouraging each student to embrace their uniqueness and cultivate awareness of the greater whole that weaves us into union with All that Is . The founder of Willow Tree Yoga in 2009 and currently living on a small farm in Creswell Oregon , Samantha offers weekly yoga classes , wilderness wanderings and other appointments with nature as well as retreats and workshops delving into the sacred practices in the ancient traditions of yoga and shamanism .
She aspires to inspire living fully in each moment with humor and grace .




She is a Life Coach, workshop presenter, Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (the Yoga of Awareness) and a Meditation Guide (Direct Awakening). She is also a Clear Beliefs Practitioner. Raised in Belgium, she received her B.A. in Psychology and Education, and her M.A. in French Literature. She moved to Cottage Grove in the Fall of 2017 and she is honored to become part of this beautiful community. She works with people who find themselves in a transitional stage of their life.



Fernanda Medici

Fernanda is a certified yoga teacher and a meditator since a young age. She also works with shamanic practices and is deeply connected to the spirits of nature. Fernanda believes in the inner power that everyone has to heal themselves and she finds joy in facilitating this process. She has developed a teaching style called Medicine Yoga, which is a fusion of different practices, and can certainly take you on a journey. She is originally from South America, and she now lives in an intentional community outside of Cottage Grove.


Natalie Kasmar

Natalie started her yoga journey back in 2000 when a friend suggested that it might help alleviate her chronic lower back pain.

Not knowing where the practice would actually take her (when she stepped into that first studio) she found that yoga not only took care of her lower back pain, yoga also grounded her emotionally, made her more confident, helped her posture and allowed her for the first time to feel really compassion and humility for herself.

A decade later Natalie decided it was time she dove deeper into the study and practice of yoga. She moved to San Francisco CA in 2010. She attended and completed a 500 hour yoga teacher program through Yogaworks and has been teaching the Yogaworks method since 2011. During her 500 hr training she had the opportunity to meet and study under Gary Kraftsow, the founder of viniyoga in the west. She found this concept of viniyoga to be an essential piece of her practice and now she would like to share the viniyoga style with you.


Benjamin Wilkinson

With earnest energy, Benjamin strives to create an inspirational and well paced Hatha Yoga class from the Ghosh Lineage. Added to this, a strong emphasis on simplicity and clarity of instruction based on breathwork help to create space for students to both transform and reflect. Benjamin injects humor, levity and self-candor into ever evolving teaching style strongly influenced by his Evolation RYT 500 and Sweaty Ganesh RYT 200 (ongoing) training and life. A native to the State of Alaska, Benjamin grew up surrounded by big mountains and a sky full of stars.  These mountains told a story if you were quiet enough to listen.  If you are willing, its the same story playing when you journey inward from your mat.


Megan Walsh

Megan is a fun lover plain and simple! And believes that in order to have fun, our bodies need to be supple, strong and able to move thru all that life has to offer. She has been practicing and teaching a wide range of movement modalities for over 15 years. Movement, fitness and nutrition has always been a life focus. She is also a certified nutrition consultant, a certified clinical herbalist, RN, mountain bike guide and athlete and loves working with people to get them as healthy and happy, in body, mind and spirit, as they can be.


Skye Nacel

Skye Nacel is excited to share his Mocean Fit System with the Crescent Moon Community. He is an award-winning professional trainer, outdoor athlete and ambassador, who has dedicated the last 20 years to educating and building stoke for physical movement adventures. He is a MovNat MCT 2 Trainer, Certified Broga Instructor, and PMBIA Mountain Bike Instructor/Guide. He believes life is a great big adventure and looks forward to helping you get into Mocean, 365 days a year!



Gloria Campuzano

Gloria was introduced to yoga in her teen years. She received her yoga teaching certificate at The White Lotus Foundation in 2002. Her yoga practice is eclectic as she has received continuing education in several yoga schools with focus in Yoga-Thai therapy, trance/wave dance, and Yoga Nidra with The White Lotus, Omega Institute, Kalani Yoga Center, and Shiva Rea. Gloria’ classes are poetic and rhythmic with emphasis on life force breathing with yoga poses and mind-body-spirit awareness. Gloria’s yoga service at schools and community call upon a conscious social and personal ethics – yoga’s yamas and niyamas in a non-dogmatic way for the healing of the earth and humanity. Gloria inspires creativity and healing with a yoga nourishment journey. Gloria’s life career has been in nutrition and dietetics.



Tao Orion

Tao Orion is a farmer, mother, Permaculture designer, and yoga practitioner living just outside Cottage Grove. She is trained in the Iyengar tradition, and loves bringing the healing wisdom of this modality to her students.




Deanna Hoover

Deanna Hoover teaches an eclectic Hatha practice in which you may challenge yourself gently. She asks her students to focus 100% on the breath, respect and honor their bodies, and let go of all but the present moment. You will leave each class feeling relaxed, centered, and with a sense of gratitude. Deanna moved to Creswell just a year ago. She has been practicing Yoga for over 35 years and has been a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2004. More about Deanna at


Louise Hutson
Louise started on her yoga journey after a back injury in her 20’s and realized how doing some yoga helped her body feel stronger.  In 2001 she was introduced to the ashtanga primary series and this helped solidify a daily practice for her.  In 2004 Louise took her RYT 200 hr training at Centered Yoga in Thailand with Paul Dallagan and enjoyed the pranyama (breath work) part of the course taught by Sri O.P Tiwari as well as the asana, and she continues to encourage breath awareness through her classes.
The past 20 years for Louise have been full of travel and moving and her yoga practice has not only encouraged her to move into the unknown with optimism but has also kept her grounded through the changes of life – big and small.
In 2005 Louise became a mother and feels grateful for her practice especially during the first few years of her son’s life which also saw her family move house and state several times.
Following the birth of her son she deepened her studies in prenatal yoga and trained with Karen Prior in Mamaste Yoga.
Louise loves sharing her passion for her practice and truly believe yoga is for everyone.  Louise has taught in a drug/alcohol detox center, with homeless women and at risk pregnant women as well as in the more traditional setting of health clubs, resorts and studios.
A yoga quote which resonates for Louise is: ‘Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self’  (The Bhagavad Gita)
Louise’s journey has recently brought her to Eugene and she feels blessed to be here.
Rosie Foraker
Rosie opened Crescent Moon Yoga in October of 2016 and is delighted to curate a Yoga studio here in Cottage Grove Grove, Oregon. Rosie has been practicing Yoga on and off for the past 15 years and looks forward to regularly instructing a yoga class herself in the near future. Rosie believes in the promise of Yoga to nourish the mind, body and spirit and has seen results in her own life as a result of the practice.
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